Mondayitis – protests, coconut water, quinoa salad and motivational quotes

Raining in Sydney is a drag. (I mean not literally like this man who was dragged into a drainage pipe by the rain and died, very sad).

But waking up to the sound of rain and you think to yourself, I just want one more snooze.

When asked by colleagues, ‘how was your weekend?’ I retell a few positive highlights like making a batch of tasty muffins for them just because #bribes. I airbrushed the details about dancing at a dingy dirty bar with sticky and wet floors, pumping retro music (AND knowing all the retro lyrics).

Monday’s are usually about reclaiming my week.

Hoorah! I box jumped into my HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session.

Hoorah! I then re-hydrated with the latest fad and this time is organic coconut water from Sri Lanka. I suspect the organic aspect of the product is attributed to the local’s lack of access to powerful pesticides and the natural resilience of coconuts to pests anyway.

Hoorah! I embraced #meatlessmonday with an organic quinoa salad and instagrammed it.

Hoorah! I skipped home, head held high, feeling accomplished. So accomplished that I wrote a new motivational quote on my blackboard.

Hoorah! I will watch my healthy lifestyle descend over the week…




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