The Art of Giving – Hazelnut Shortbread Kisses with a Nutella Centre


My good friend Myra and her creative partner, Lamice, are hosting their first exhibition tomorrow at the RAW Natural Born Artist Showcase! I wanted to give them a little gift of encouragement, a physical pat on the back, without actually raising my palm. A generic card or gift voucher is not fitting for this fun and creative duo. I wanted to give them a sweet handmade present and straight to the kitchen I went to create these babies.

Hazelnut Shortbread Kisses with a Nutella Center!

This is a very easy shortbread to make. Only 5 ingredients are required. It only takes 12 minutes in the oven! The shortbread is crumbly and simply melts in your mouth. Waiting for them to cool and resisting not to eat them was hard.  Fresh cookies smell soooo good! And Nutella needs no introduction. I will see you in shortbread and chocolate heaven.

The recipe can be found here at

Agnes x

PS The recycled egg carton wrapping box fitted the shortbreads well (I am surprised too!). Then I decorated them with a Kikki K love heart note and ribbon from Typo. Pretty, girly, environmentally friendly foodie gift wrapped!

Hazelnut shortbread kisses with a nutella center


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