Life Turning Point and Living Minimalistically


Sunday is my bliss. When I reflect on the week that has been (indulge in Tim Tams sucked through a glass of milk) and ponder on the week that it will be. And what a week that was!!!

Living in the UK Tuesday: I picked up my passport with my new UK visa intact!! Yes peeps, I’m heading over to the isles on a 2 year long sojourn. This is what this blog has been building to be. A travel log and possibly a companion for when I am sooo far away from home! Queue the Kaiser Chief lyrics… “Oh My God I can’t believe it I’ve never been this far away from home” (or try this Lily Allen rendition).

Living Minimalistically WeekendThis is far easier said than done. How much STUFF do we accumulate? Really! I’ve spent the whole weekend just cleaning out stuff. I know it will be liberating when the process is finally over. In the mean time… late night of tidying up it is. I need to skinny down to nothing but about 30kg worth of luggage. Scary thought.

Living Locally Week: I read about these guys and this market at the Darlo Bar and decided to check it out. Have a look at the AMAZING produce I got! For $35, I got the single person sexy spinster hamper. It came in a cute calico bag and a pot of adorable pansies. All the produce are from within a 90km radius of Sydney so it’s super fresh! It has pushed me to be creative in the kitchen! Here’s my roasted vegetable couscous. I filled the kitchen with warmth on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Oh what a week! I can’t wait to tell you more and more about my moving out process! Peace out!


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